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`Welcome to My Page

Here is where I will do my best to keep you updated on all upcoming projects, shows, and ideas, so stay tuned like a classic guitar.



Announcing 2 new singles!!!

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Just in time for the rodeo and Spring Break go checkout Lemon Rodeo

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To be released in  Feb. 2024

Feb. 14, 2024

Were meant to be

This new single is just in time for Valentines day. So, Grab a loved one and take a listen.


Feb. TBA

Lemon rodeo



Rodeo, Zydeco, Hip hop and R&B all wrapped up in one for ya!… Your're welcome!


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April 15th, 2023

Kneill will be releasing his first solo album Titled, "Kneill"

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February 13th, 2023

KMZ releases Single “Breaking down the door” exclusively on YouTube

(Find link on video page)


 September 2022 

Kneill Releases his first solo single "Findings of a blindman."


June 27 2022 

Sharlow has decided to change his name to Kneill! 

That is it.


Yo! we have some awesome releases coming up!

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October 21 2021 

Sharlow is releasing his first single debut "I'm Okay."


October 2021

 KMZ will be releasing a new single "Breaking Down Doors" with a video stay tuned for date This was postponed)


November 2021

 Sharlow will be releasing his first Solo Album



Happy 420! Go to our music page and download buhhda for free!

Kalifornia Koast is now Available! Download  Below Now!


Justin "the Guy" Guy Is releasing his very first Single on 03-15-21



We have Launched our very own Blog to discuss all topics with our Fans. 


we encourage positive conversation and invite every one, to kollect our mindz and see what happens!



 - First (Official Video) Release song "My Grip" 

We will be releasing "My Grip" official video Via Facebook watch @ 8pm central time. After the premiere you can visit our facebook page to this video and more!

 Coming Soon! - Our first Album Release!


 We will be releasing our First Album Titled "Mindz Ya Business"

Today is the Day! Buy the album now!



Were meant to be


Written by Lashawnda Villagrana Performed and produced by Kneill Production by Jacob Meador

This song is about the complications of love and relationships and the confusion it causes leaving you to doubt yourself or even your self-worth. Knowing that if its meant to be, then it will be, can bring peace of mind and heart.

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Findings of a Blindman


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Findings of a Blindman

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Artist formerly known as Sharlow has released his first single as Kneill. Soulful and downright fresh!

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I'm Okay


It's finally here! Sharlow's very first solo single release!

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My Grip, My Grip Gotta make my Chedda', I finally did but nothing got betta” - KMZ

— My Grip


Here are the events we have coming up!

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We are proud of our new site. Tell us what you think.

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KMZ Tour

We are getting ready to go on our first tour. Whether you are a family member, fan, tour manager, band member, whoever. We need advice on the subject and would love to hear your stories and experiences.

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